Liera vs Rodrigo Barbosa

Another recent match from Liera. Please note:

1) in this match and the last one I put up it is clear that Liera wants to pull guard. He doesn't make a big production of it he just grabs the lapel and has a seat. However what might separate his guard pull from yours is that he is playing guard the second he sits down, meaning he is using push/pull to break disturb his opponents base.

2) When Liera sweeps or is threatening a sweep he never lets go of his partners foot. Gavin covers this in a lot of the sweeps he teaches. It is a key detail. It's hard to stand up if someone is not letting you put both feet on the ground.

3) Even when things aren't going his way, Liera is still patiently persistent in all positions. He keeps moving in the negative positions and wins all the small battles of control so that even if he isn't where he wants to be, his opponent isn't allowed to get an excess amount of control over him.

4) Successful competitors can alter plans mid match. Liera switches up his passing strategy after getting swept a few times. He gets away from splitting his partners guard and goes with double underhooks, (a pass that his teacher champions). Even when he gets his partner stacked up on his neck he doesn't rush the pass. He remains patient and looks for a solid side control to pass to, rather than just trying to shuck the legs aside and risk a scramble. Once he gains control he keeps it and is still patiently persistent in looking for greater control.