Leandro Lo vs Ricardo Evangelista

This is a match from last year. Spoiler alert: Lo wins. I am posting because I'd like you to note two things.

1) Evangelista looks confident as hell at the beginning and takes it to Lo. He gets ahead on points. Lo gets a little bit ahead of him on points and Evangelista just gives up. There is such a thing as "being better than the other guy". There is also such a thing as "not believing you can win". Sometimes in a match it isn't just who is better, but it is who believes they can win. Lo, Buchecha, and Roger have all been down on points in their matches and have rallied to win.

2) The score board shown is the wrong score board. I doubt they blew it at the tournament, but the production team must have had a snafu somewhere. The point is, even at the biggest show with the biggest stars things get done incorrectly from time to time. Don't focus on fair, focus on winning. Lo is a pretty good example of this.