Dom Bell Denver Open

One thing that you can learn from good middleweights is how to combine big guy games and small guy games. Here our friend Dubious Dom does that very well. Look at the overall arch of this match, (spoiler, watch the match first if you don't want me ruining it for you).

His opponent comes out strong. Dom is relaxed and makes the guy carry his weight wherever possible and appropriate. Dom uses a little bit of mobility and little guy game to out transition his partner. What you should notice is that he doesn't "buy in" to his partners pace, meaning his opponent is at times a little on the frantic/hustling side. Not a bad thing by itself, however when using out hustling as a strategy; a) you better be able to out hustle your partner. If they have cardio for days that strategy may not work, and b) if the strategy doesn't work you need to recognize it and adjust appropriately.

Here his partner doesn't adjust, he keeps throwing the kitchen sink at Dom who continues to out transition him, (staying on top whenever possible - very important), and makes him carry his weight whenever possible. Eventually his partner gets sloppy/desperate/tired and Dom capitalizes.

The question is, who made that finish somewhat famous and what submission is it?