Passing the guard

This is the sequence of passing the closed guard we cover in our fundamentals curriculum. The guard passes, and the attacks from the guard, are shown in an order that allows students to work with the material and develop a basic vocabulary of guard passing and attacks. I want students to develop skill passing the closed guard and working with the closed guard prior to moving on to open guard techniques. The open guard offers much more space between the two practitioners, and as a result many more options. Get a decent working knowledge of the closed guard before you dive into more complex material. 

The first pass we show is the basic under one leg pass. Learning to open the guard, control the hips, and then pass under one leg without getting triangled is a lot of material. Please do not be in a hurry to move on to other techniques until you have a solid grasp of this move.


One you have a handle on passing under a leg your partner will typically start to shut you down in one of two ways; 1) repositioning the leg as you attempt to scoop it, and 2) making the leg heavy and difficult to lift. I cover a little bit of  how to deal with repositioning the leg in the guard recovery section. When dealing with the heavy leg remember that typically in Jiu Jitsu we are not trying to fight what our partner is doing, but work with that force. If your partner wants their leg on floor, put it on the floor and pass over it.