New location opens today with a special guest instructor!

For those of you who have been getting to class blindfolded and delivered by drone, South Lake Union has had a little construction going on over the past few years. As you know older buildings like ours, especially a corner property on a busy street, have been disappearing on what seems like a daily basis. In order to secure our presence in the area we have found a new facility a little further off the main drag. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.49.50 AM.png

With a tremendous amount of help from our student body, the new location now has a beautiful, bigger, better, mat which we will break in tonight. Correct, tonights classes will be at 222 Minor Ave N. Same schedule, new location, a whole half block away.

True to form and again confirming his status as Chief Ninja Extraordinaire, my teacher - Amal Easton, reached out last week to let me know that he would be here for the first day and will be teaching. How did he know? Who knows, but also, who cares? I have been looking forward to sharing what we have built over the past five years with him. Fortunate for us, he has made that super easy. He is a pioneer in the sport and a phenomenal teacher. You are in fact missing out if you miss his class. 

We will be following the regular schedule tonight. While the new mats are larger, I cannot guarantee spots on the mat to everyone. It will be first come, first serve. We should have plenty  of room though for spectators should the mat become more crowded than desired.

See everyone in class!

Ping me here if you have any questions