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                           Praxis course progression

                           Praxis course progression

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But no matter how I say it I still find those who show up, in my school, and try to explain to me that I am somehow mistaken and that it is. Despite the fact that I have been doing this for almost twenty years now and despite the fact that I designed and built a business that's sole purpose to is to help you learn Jiu Jitsu efficiently, effectively and as fast as is practical, I will still, routinely, have brand new students, prospective students, or those who have either previously dabbled with Jiu Jitsu (or have read enough online that they are comfortable correcting me) attempt to explain to me why I should make an exception for their special case, (Can you put me in the advanced class? I'm REALLY scrappy), or give a quick look around like a nervous thief and ask me "how do I REALLY get good" as though it were some secret that is hidden for true pad-o-won masters.


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