Jon Munger Revolution Spring 2019 Match #1

From Jon;

The Good

-My standup doesn't look as bad as I thought. I am actually working on my feet. There's a few times I could have had a takedown if I committed.

The Bad

- My butt is way too far back, it made it easy for the triangle and hard to activate my hips for any throws.

- The triangle defense. I was surprised, and again, my base was way too high to effectively posture.

The Ugly

- That gi is officially retired, it's like gray now. Also, I was 100% saved by that ref call.

Dmitry Riegle - Revolution Spring 2019

From Dmitry;

Lost my first match, but did get the second one (As seen in this video from Dafs). If anyone happens to have a video of my first match, please do share.


- pulling guard

- maintaining mount

- mount to back transition

Needs improvement (based on what I remember of first match):

- passing open guard / defending guard pull

- maintaining top of half guard and passing from there.

Gavin - Seattle open 2017 match #2

What counts for a sweep? What counts as an advantage. This match is a good case study for both. If you have not worked with the 50/50 position before, now (four weeks out from revolution tournament fall 2017) is NOT the time. This match is up so folks newer to competition to get an idea of sweeping and how advantages may (and may not) be awarded. Some blue belt matches might see 50/50, purple belt matches often will. If you are a white belt don't worry about this position yet.

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