Academy Rules

1) No shoes on the mat.  

2) No one is allowed on the mat without filling out a waiver and getting an ok from the front desk.

3) (if you are late) Greet the teacher of the class you are stepping on the mat for. Unless it’s a medical emergency, do no leave the mat without notifying the instructor in charge.

4) Show up on time for class. Do not join a warm up or class in progress without first asking the instructors permission.

5) Keep water in the designated area and off the mat.

6) Change only in designated changing areas.  Shirts or kimono tops are required at all times.

7) Keep the changing rooms and spectator’s area clean and orderly.  Clean up after yourself.

8) This is a team sport.  Be aware of your appearance/hygiene.  You and your clothing should be clean and neat.  Long hair must be tied back. Keep fingernails and toenails clipped, hands and feet always clean.  No jewelry is to be worn on the mat.

9) Face away from the group when fixing your pants and adjusting your kimono.

10) Be aware of the mat boundary and make sure that you, your partner, or other people do not fall off.

11) Be aware of other partners practicing near you.  Your moves should not drive you into them, nor theirs into you.

12) When training yield way to the upper belt. The highest rank belt gets the right of way on the mat. Be aware of who is training near you and adjust space requirements as needed.

13) Shake hands before and after training.

14) Everyone is here to improve, not to be the biggest fish in our small pond.  Take care of your partner and adjust your effort to an appropriate level for them.

15) We get better not just by training and practicing, but also by helping those around us improve as well.  The ethic of the academy is that we help where help is wanted. If you see someone struggling unproductively, (productive struggle is required for learning), offer to help. If they want help, give it, if they do not, respect that and don’t read into it.

16) Do not drink alcohol or consume drugs before training.

17) If you are sick, please stay home and rest.  Training can wait until you’re healthy.

18) Please place cell phones on vibrate or silent during class times.  Cell phones may be left on if you’re expecting a baby or have a sick child at home, your first name is Dr, or some similar NEED, (start-up/Amazon “on call” status is a need. Just please let the instructor know prior to the start of class).